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A makeup brand Made in France that is committed to your well-being. For the respect of the skin and its microbiome, say goodbye to harmful ingredients and welcome healthy active ingredients that do you good.


A committed brand, BE+RADIANCE advocates clean beauty that comes from the nature+science equation. Formulations with beneficial properties that respect the skin's balance and microbiome. Makeup that sublimates as much as it brings benefits, to bring forth natural radiance, the true glow!

Probiotics, skin food super ingredients, active ingredients and plants recognized for millennia are integrated into the formulas of our blushes, highlighters, foundations and primer. Cucumber water, shea butter, probiotics, organic jojoba oil, organic moringa oil, organic Arrow Root powder...These high-value raw materials are at the heart of our formulas, which include 85% to 100% ingredients from natural origin.

No more irritating, occlusive, endocrine disrupting ingredients: silicones, parabens, perfume, phenoxyethanol or even phthalates. Petrochemical mineral oils, nanomaterials too risky and chemical filters have also taken the door so that none of them come to disturb the balance of your skin. A clean philosophy that integrates the best of nature and science for the well-being of the skin.


BE+RADIANCE is committed to going even further for a truly innovative makeup in favor of the skin. To do this, we have integrated our own Research and Development team, which works on a daily basis to find new paths, new ingredients and develop increasingly effective formulations both in terms of makeup results and skin benefits. Thanks to our team, we have been able to integrate pioneering technologies for makeup that respects the skin microbiome. Thanks to encapsulated probiotics that activate on contact with the skin to positively colonize the microbiome, the skin barrier is reinforced. This innovation is in constant development and our next launches will complement and strengthen our current range, there is still so much to discover and do to make Healthy Makeup for all skin types a category of its own!


BE+RADIANCE wants to shake up established codes by working daily to elevate equity to normality. Shade ranges built and structured in favor of the universality of beauty. Equity in the choice of shades and in the adaptation of textures to different skin types. Be+Radiance is also a committed brand that campaigns for an end to the excesses of the industry, to whitening and denaturing of the skin. Because she herself is the fruit of crossbreeding, Aïmara, the brand's founder, is committed to magnifying all skins, just as they are: at their true value with the right textures and colors.