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Be + Radiance Review

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Based on 237 reviews
Top product, top customer service

Very nice discovery, fluid foundation, light, my skin breathes while being covered. Matifying powder for an even more natural complexion.
I recommend be radiance at 200%. Finally a foundation that combines beauty and health of the skin.


I'm not a fan of makeup, but then I love this foundation.
I want to wear makeup more often because I know that it is not harmful to my skin.

The duo is great! I was well guided by both the foundation and the glow duo.
My skin is more radiant, thank you!

Cucumber Water Foundation

The foundation is fluid and easy to apply and I feel like my skin breathes more than with any other foundation.
I love it.

Cucumber Water Matifying Foundation 60

Very light, but gives a beautiful look to the skin. The plus is the clean composition side.
It's not transfer-free at all though, unfortunately. I would still recommend

Hello ! Our cucumber water foundation has been tested by an independent lab so we can affirm the no transfer :) However, it's not the same as waterproof or water resistant... Transfer-free means that when the foundation is dry (important) after application on the skin it does not transfer to a tissue that is dabbed on the skin. So it's great because you don't leave foundation all over your skin and it's very comfortable because you don't feel anything ;)

Naked skin feeling

Item completely in accordance with my order. Foundation shade that was recommended to me when I sent my photo. No mistake. Perfect shade! Very light and pleasant texture, which applies very well. I am delighted and I highly recommend it. I will definitely be ordering from Be+radiance again! I too, like some of my customers, am waiting for other products, especially the concealers. See you soon.


The duo has a strong smell, it's really unpleasant.
The foundation is fine, but I prefer my usual brand which really matches my skin tone better

Hello ! We are sorry to hear that you have encountered a problem with the SET+GLOW Duo. Our products are formulated without perfume and the presence of a 'strong smell' is abnormal... we have sent you an email in order to understand the source of the problem and send you back a product for free! :)

Cucumber Water Matifying Foundation

Finally I found a foundation that fits me, it's great, fluid, easy to apply, I love it!
I hope you'll make the concealers too!

Liquid Foundation 50

I am quite happy with the foundation as it does not oxidize, it gives a super natural, mattifying and luminous effect,


However, it is not transfer-free because my mask is always filled with Foundation....

But I still recommend it around me because it's still great for people like me who love good quality skin products and natural makeup...

Can't wait for the concealer!!😊


Primer is really pleasant and makes the skin soft. Bravo


Received rather quickly in Martinique, for a first I appreciate natural effect

Exactly the shade I wanted

Very hydrating

Does not leave the skin greasy. Perfect hydration

Awesome foundation

Good foundation super natural effect
I love it and highly recommend it


Me who likes to have a fresh complexion with a natural effect then there I am just delighted, frankly at the top . Once the complexion was finished I felt like I had nothing on my face and yet I had makeup on 👍🏽


I like the duo a lot but I have a little problem with it. It's a little grey on my complexion but I can make up for it with other products but everyone's skin is different so it's not a bad product

Hello ! We are sorry to hear that the shade is not suitable for you... :/ But don't worry we will change it for free ! :) We have sent you an email about this ;)

The products are just perfect :-) The foundation is really light and you don't feel that you have any material on your face. This is a great discovery for me. I'm embracing the range and recommending it to everyone 😍😍😍 I give 5 stars without hesitation 😍

Very great foundation


I was so excited to receive my package! I am really satisfied with my products! It's clearly what we are all looking for good quality products that are natural, and that keep their promise! You can choose the range CLOSED EYES! Not to take anything away from the pleasure, the team is helpful, available and accompanies you throughout your purchase. They will advise you on which shade to choose and will listen to you/help you with any small problems you may have while ordering. 

Light and Natural

I love it because it gives me a beautiful, fresh and very natural complexion!
I'm dark skinned and it's a perfect fit!
Besides it lasts quite long (8 months for regular use).


Hello, I am delighted with this product, I don't feel like I have a mask on my face, it's super light and covers without preventing the skin from breathing. THANK YOU

The complexion is really fresh. I love it.

Multi-Purpose Face Oil Probiotics + Omega 3

Very good product 👍🙂