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Glossary: Ingredients of Matifying Cucumber Water Foundation

AQUA: Water


TALC: Natural mineral powder.

GLYCERIN: Vegetable glycerin (moisturizing properties).

PEG / PPG / POLYBUTYLENE GLYCOL-8/5/3 GLYCERIN *: Of synthetic origin, it is a softening humectant, it has moisturizing properties and thus it increases the hydrating power of glycerin.

PROPANEDIOL: Synthetic additive used as a humectant, it maintains the water content of the skin and it controls viscosity.

XANTHAN GUM: Xanthan gum, a natural thickener, is used as a texturizer.

LAUROYL LYSINE: Plant-derived amino acid derivative made from coconut fatty acid and coconut oil.

SODIUM CITRATE: Additive of plant origin, it helps maintain a beautiful appearance of the skin. In the formula, this material is combined with cucumber water to stabilize it over time and preserve it.

CAPRYLYL GLYCOL: Naturally occurring it is a humectant.

HYDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE: Synthetic additive used as a binder, emulsion stabilizer, film-forming agent and viscosity control agent.

PPG-26-BUTETH-26 *: Synthetic additive, this material is used to reduce the sticky effect, to allow better makeup removal, and to stabilize the formula.

PEG 40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL *: This ingredient is a polyethylene glycol derivative of castor oil, it hydrates thanks to its fatty acid properties. It is an alternative to waxes of animal or petroleum origin.

ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN: Synthetic additive, it is a skin care agent.

CAPRYLHYDROXAMIC ACID: Of synthetic origin, this material is a preservative.

CITRIC ACID: A material found in lemon, it allows the pH to be adjusted so that it is the same as the pH of the skin to avoid any feelings of irritation.

SODIUM BENZOATE: This plant-based material has an antimicrobial function, it is a mild preservative. It is a substitute for parabens and phenoxyethanol.

POTASSIUM SORBATE: Of natural origin, this material is a preservative.

SODIUM NITRATE: Synthetic additive, this material is a soothing agent.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE: Ingredient of mineral origin used for its opacifying properties. It is used as a pigment.

IRON OXIDES : Ingredients of mineral origin used as pigments.


* PEG and PPG:

Particularly efficient for the manufacture and stabilization of emulsions. It is above all the way they are made, and not the dangers associated with skin health, that often make them ingredients in question.

Therefore, we have specially chosen PEG / PPG whose manufacturing methods have no harmful effects on the environment and on the health of living beings.