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Do you have pimples and don't know where to start?

Find out how to get out of the vicious circle of pimples!

That's it, a few pimples (re)appear and your skin is oilier than usual. Your first instinct is therefore to camouflage these imperfections with a green concealer or make-up. Uuuultra covering.

STOP! By not dealing with the problem at the source, it will worsen and persist. And above all, the condition of your skin will never improve.

Let's start all over again.

It is particularly important to choose treatments adapted to the problems of your skin. That's what the brand does IN’OYA which develops treatments specially formulated for black and mixed-race skin often subject to problems of hyperseborrhoea, hyperpigmentation spots and imperfections.



If you want to put an end to unbalanced and often blemish-prone skin follow our guide: 


  • Choose appropriate treatments that allow you to gently cleanse and moisturize without being too rich, as well as a specific treatment targeting imperfections to set up a daily routine. Be careful not to accumulate too many products and think that you will have to stick to them every day without exception... because it is in time that the skin will change.


  • Choose healthy makeup BE+RADIANCE to lightly even out the complexion and camouflage imperfections without suffocating or attacking them. Traditional makeup is often too heavy and occlusive because it contains silicones and many petrochemical or vegetable oils that suffocate the skin and accentuate hyperseborrhoea. BE+RADIANCE formulas are 100% silicone-free, without occlusive material to let the skin breathe and not disturb reactive skin.


  • Make sure you gently remove make-up every day with Multi-purpose make-up remover face oil and non-greasy with active probiotics for an action on the microbiota of the skin by promoting the good bacteria which help to balance the skin.


Notice to dark, mixed and black skins that suffer from hyperpigmentation spots, Le MEL’OYA® “anti-dark spot” serum could well become your best friend...Specifically formulated with a patented active ingredient, MEL'OYA serum has proven itself on skin rich in pigmentation by freeing it from even the most stubborn stains!

Apply the "anti-spot" serum only in the evening, without rinsing on the spots of the face or body. Properly used, the serum eliminates and corrects hyperpigmentation spots on the face and body at the source.


For those who suffer from blemishes the ACN’OYA® “Anti-blemish” treatment is the solution to your problems.

Perfectly adapted to black and matte acne-prone skin, this treatment treats pimples, eliminates even the most severe imperfections by neutralizing the bacteria at the source of inflammation.


Make-up adapted to hide pimples and unify the complexion without attacking the skin

In combination with your skincare routine, choosing a healthy make-up is essential. The goal is to enhance your beauty, without disturbing the health of your skin. The BE+RADIANCE range thus makes it possible to unify the complexion while lightness. However, its covering power is sufficient to effectively hide imperfections without smothering the pores.

Most makeup products are often too heavy and obstructive for the skin. They generally contain silicones and many petrochemical or vegetable oils. These components prevent it from breathing and clearly accentuate the hyperseborrhoea.

All BE+RADIANCE product formulas are 100% silicone-free and occlusive-free. They are therefore naturally suitable for sensitive skin, prone to imperfections, even the most reactive.


Make-up: find a unified complexion and without imperfections

Is your skin cleansed and hydrated? Are your pimples treated? Follow our 3 essential steps to regain a luminous, pimple-free complexion:


STEP 1 : Apply your ACN’OYA® “Anti-imperfections” care before applying your make-up. And take a PAUSE... let the treatment soak into your face before moving on to the next step!



2ND STEP : Blur your skin's imperfections with a silicone-free foundation!

Natural and Breathable Velvet Effect Primer

Our primer ideally prepares the skin, will facilitate application and prolong the hold of your foundation.


STEP 3 : Even out your complexion with our Matifying Foundation with Cucumber Water


Its formula without silicone or mineral oil is easily applied with a brush or sponge for a fresh and unified complexion in a few moments. 



STEP 4 : Set your foundation lightly with a mattifying powder enriched with active probiotics!

Our SET+GLOW Powder+Highlighter with Probiotics allows you to have a perfectly matched powder and highlighter all in one box!

Bonus: For more colors, fall for our blushes also enriched with probiotics.


This is how by taking care of your skin and using lighter and more natural makeup, you will be able to say goodbye to acne pimples! 


SURPRISE: In July we decided to offer you the ACN'OYA anti-blemish treatment from INO'YA in full size worth 26€90 for all orders over 55€ in our BE+RADIANCE range!


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    Super formule !!! C’est juste génial de trouver maintenant du maquillage soignant notre peau typique et si diversifiée ! Merci Merci
    Mais j’aimerais savoir s’il existe une solution pour choisir la teinte qu’il nous faut avant de passer commande ?

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