For the first time, clean makeup goes one step further to become the ally of the skin microbiome!

Pour la 1ère fois, le maquillage clean franchit un cap pour devenir l’allié du microbiome cutané !

BE+RADIANCE, the Healthy complexion expert for all skin types, innovates and completes its cucumber water foundation range with Powder+Enluminator and Blush+Enluminator duos to sublimate the complexion and really take care of the skin...




SET+GLOW Probiotics Powder


Gathered in the same box, a perfectly matched complexion powder and illuminator. While the very fine powder helps set foundation and mattify certain areas, the illuminator was subtly balanced to bring pure light, without any glitter, and in just the right tone, to make skin look dazzling. No false notes, no gaudy illuminator, but a balanced duo, declined in 17 shades to fit all skin tones.

Be+Radiance Probiotic Powder+Enluminator


COLOR+GLOW Probiotics Blush

Blushes and illuminators that we want to crunch like candy: peony pink, coral apricot, poppy red or purple plum... With these peppy colors our blushes are accompanied by pearl-rich illuminators with pink-gold, bronze and copper highlights. We apply them next to each other on the cheekbone for a star look, or we mix them for a more subtle blend and a guaranteed fresh complexion effect.

Blush+Enluminator with Be+Radiance Probiotics


With 95% of ingredients of natural origin, our formulas have been carefully developed to respect the skin's balance, let the skin breathe and take care of the most sensitive skin. Silicone-free, talc-free, fragrance-free, our powders are also enriched with organic moringa oil, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep the skin supple and prevent dehydration.


The ultra sensory textures,the fineness of the powders allow for a smooth application and an ultra natural result. No plaster effect, materials that merge with the skin and melt infinitely.

The blushes

The ultra pigmented blushes are also worked in the purity of the color to allow adjustment to the greatest number of skin tones. Thus pink will be able to go to a matte skin without leaving a white flat, and red can be worked on a very white or very black skin to always bring freshness. Finally, coral will be beautiful on medium tones and will warm up olive complexions, and plum will show up perfectly on black skin


The makeup that boosts microbiome!

The cutaneous microbiota is a collection of living organisms on our skin, and especially the face. This actively participates in the health of the skin: it helps it fight against external aggressions and protects it against the development of pathogenic microorganisms (acne, eczema, psoriasis etc). It would even intervene in the process of skin aging and would be a determinant of the quality of the skin. Unfortunately, beauty routines (makeup, makeup removal, scrubbing, cleaning...), pollution, or even stress, are all factors that alter this natural barrier. The skin is therefore vulnerable and strengthening its microbiota becomes a real health and beauty asset.

Pre and probiotic enriched powders:

Probiotics are already known to have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, they also have a very effective action on the good bacteria of our skin.

Our powders contain probiotics: those famous living microorganisms found in our yogurts, fermented foods or in the form of food supplements. Thanks to a new technology, these livingprobiotics are encapsulated to be integrated into the powder. Upon contact with the water on our skin, these pioneering bacteria activate to positively colonize the microbiota. Combined with prebiotics, these microorganisms reproduce in a way that recreates a naturally protective bacterial ecosystem,which cleanses and rebalances the skin while protecting it from external aggressors.

The lactobacillus strain in our powders has been positively tested to help treat eczema and psoriasis, so their power is great for making all skin look better! 

Thought of and designed for the beauty of your skin and makeup, our probiotic powder range will become your best good-looking ally.

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